From the Executive Director…

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On behalf of the entire orchestra, welcome to www.lks.org.uk, the new website of the London Kensington Sinfonia. Formed in 2002, this young and dynamic chamber orchestra features some of the most distinguished young professional musicians in London and presents concerts of diverse repertoire to the highest standard. We work in both the concert hall and the recording studio and have worked with some of the most exciting soloists to have emerged in the last few years, and our studio projects include the soundtrack to the highly acclaimed film The Goodbye Plane (Kewhaven Pictures) starring Edward Hardwicke and Dudley Sutton.

So what makes us different from any other orchestra? Our players make up an impressive list of recent graduates from Great Britain’s most prestigious music colleges, yet we are not a student orchestra. Like other ensembles, we perform varied repertoire in major concert venues, and can tailor our programmes to suit any artistic or other situation. At first glance, the London Kensington Sinfonia is no different from the great wealth of orchestras working in Britain. The answer lies in our outlook, and what we aim to achieve. We strongly believe in making the highest standards in live classical music accessible to anyone in any country around the world, regardless of age, education or background. Why should people not go to classical concerts just because they don’t live near a big city, or they don’t have access to information regarding such events? We aim — in addition to our events in London — to bring live classical concerts to places where other orchestras simply don’t go, making the live performance of classical music — arguably one of the highest and most expressive art forms on Earth — accessible to everyone who wants to listen.

However, the London Kensington Sinfonia — as inclusive as we are — do not agree with ‘dumbing down’ classical music just to make it easier for people to get involved. We simply don’t believe you have to, or should, water down an experience as thrilling as listening to a live orchestra play: such an idea seems ridiculous! If you read through our website you will find that education work is very important to us. We are able to produce professional and exciting music events culminating in concerts that all ages can be involved with — and amidst all the fun and excitement of a family music day or a schools workshop, you’ll always hear us play respected classical repertoire to the highest standards. This goal and determination to share classical music with everyone and anyone who wants to listen, coupled with the extraordinary and vibrant talent of our distinguished players, make the London Kensington Sinfonia one of the most exciting ensembles to have emerged in the new Millennium. On behalf of the entire orchestra, I hope you enjoy browsing through our website, and look forward to welcoming you at one of our concerts soon.

Louise Hawker
Executive Director,
London Kensington Sinfonia